Home Buyers are Getting Priced Out of Orange County

Many people dream of moving to the Orange County. In this area, a resident can enjoy amazing beaches and perfect weather. Of course, for many, it is but a dream as the area is not cheap. Here are three reasons why buyers are getting pushed out of this market.

Jobs: Now, the economy is slowly recovering. With that, more people are landing a job in their desired field. When this happens, wages will rise and so will house prices. Over time, this has pushed many out of the market.

Still too much: Historically, California has

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Prospects for New Home Construc tion Strong in SoCal

Choosing to have your home constructed, rather then investing in an existing property, can provide home owners with many important advantages. Ensuring that your investment is able to provide you with a greater degree of satisfaction and the chance to own the home or property of your dreams is not a concern to be taken lightly. Finding the best regions and locations for your initial real-estate purchase and construction site can be the first step you take towards creating the

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How to Buy Homes at Auction in SoCal

Buying homes on auction can be a great way to purchase real estate without the cost or hassle of hiring a real estate agent. Homes that are sold at auction sometimes are in states of disrepair or need a significant amount of improving to make them sellable on the real estate market. More people are buying real estate in this manner. However, those who are new to these auctions may need some advice about choosing and bidding on properties. Taking these suggestions can help SoCal buyers make good investments in these homes.

Most auction experts advise novices to avoid

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Luxury Development is Destroying the California Condor’s Habitat

Conservationists and bird watchers are up in arms after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service approved the development of luxury homes, golf courses and hotels in the Tehachapis area north of Los Angeles.

This area is prime condor habitat. The 5,552-acre development will be built in the wild and windy habitat that condors prefer.

Conservationists are outraged that the fish and wildlife service granted an exception for the Tejon Ranch company to build the development. Conservationists argued that the exception violated the harassment ban

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Southern California Home Sales at Seven Year High

With buyers competing heavily for a shrinking number of homes, the sales of homes in Southern California jumped to a new high in April, according to data from DataQuick. The number of homes sold was the highest in seven years.

The sales were fueled by investors and buyers seeking to move into pricey homes in the area. Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura, San Bernardino and Orange Counties led the way with 27,415 homes and condos sold.

This number beat the April 2006 numbers when 27,114 homes were bought.

The median sales price also jumped up to its

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Cultural Benefits of Living in Southern California

Cultural Benefits of Living in Southern California

The Beautiful Weather
Living in beautiful Southern California offers you a number of promising features that are only available on the west coast. First, you are close to the gorgeous waters of the Pacific Ocean. If you love the beach, boardwalk and surfing, then you will love living in Southern California. In addition, the weather is widely considered the nicest in all of the United States. That is right; Southern California has the best weather in America. Additionally,

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